because i’m new. because it’s wednesday.

By way of introduction, and also what I hope to be a regular feature, here’s what I’m digging this week.


{img via amazon}

The Passage by Justin Cronin. Holy smokes. So good — brilliantly good — but so sad and disturbing.

(P.S. Do you love to read? Are you on Goodreads? You should be!)


{img via amazon}

Californication, Season 1. Love David Duchovny. I’m only two episodes in but it’s growing on me. Could do without all the boob shots, though.

Listening to:

{images via amazon}

I haven’t been listening to a lot of music lately, but when I can plug in my headphones, I usually queue up a random shuffle. Showing up lately have been:

“Around the Bend” – The Asteroids Galaxy Tour

“Red State” – Faded Paper Figures

“Feeling the Pull” – The Swell Season

“Tigerlily” – La Roux

Drooling over:

{img via joy the baker}

These ice cream sandwiches from Joy the Baker.

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