I don’t do schmoopy very well. Whenever stuff tends to get mushy, I feel this uncontrollable urge to make the ugliest face I can, just to ease the schmaltz.

This letter to my husband, on our tenth wedding anniversary, may start to feel a little goopy. If that happens, just make a silly face at the monitor. It will help.

Dear Fred:

Crlyn1091Ten years ago, your friends wrapped you up in duct tape and let you fall face first into the ground. All I could think about is how our wedding photos would be RUINED. Thankfully, you’re like Wolverine and heal quickly, and so the only evidence of your drunken debauchery at your bachelor party in our pictures is the tiniest little mark on your upper lip.

I wish I could go back and tell my 26-year old self to chill. That it didn’t matter that they hadn’t removed the (fake!) ivy from the gazebo or left the mirrored tiles on the tables or would there be enough wine for our friends or what if no one showed up. Because I was marrying you. At the end of the day, we would actually be starting this amazing adventure. An adventure that would take us across the country and back. An adventure that would let us grow as individuals while never having to hide from each other.

I would tell my younger (thinner) self to breathe, because after that day, I would have the most amazing partner a person could wish for. Someone who understood my crazy. Someone who would make me laugh until I couldn’t breathe. Someone who would hold me when I couldn’t think of taking another step forward. Someone who would help me raise the most incredible child I’ve ever met. Someone who dances with me in the kitchen early in the morning and late into the night. Someone who would let me be who I am, 100%, never having to worry that it wasn’t enough. (I would also tell myself to eat a freaking sandwich because my wedding dress wasn’t going to fit.)

I would tell myself that after that day, the person I would wake up next to everyday would be my equal partner. I would support him as much as he was going to support me. Crlyn1096 I would tell myself that I would be surprised by how much I was willing to sacrifice for this person. And how much he would ask me not to.

Honestly, ten years? It’s so trite, but it went by so quickly. It feels like you just asked me to marry you, and I just said “Ohmigod what?! Did you tell my parents?!” It feels like we just walked down the aisle and I said, “I feel like we robbed a bank!”  We just got married. Didn’t we?

You are amazing. You are. No, you are. Shut up. You are. You are the smartest person I know. You are the funniest person I know. And you are the hottest husband ever. I love that we can nerd out together at the movies and you can teach me about space stuff and you let me ramble on about library stuff.

We’re kind of made for each other. And it’s pretty awesome.

I love you.




More pictures on Tumblr. Because DUH.

One thought on “ten

  1. okay – ahhhhhh. I’ve just always been impressed that you two “get each other” it is a gift that often goes unappreciated. Happy 10!

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