The day the internet came to Chicago

I snagged a pass to go to C2E2 this April (free! professionals! pass! for librarians!) and then the internet all said THEY were coming too and plans were made and lo! It was exciting. Allow me to tell you via pictures since I really can’t remember what happened at this point.
I took a picture of myself in the morning with my requisite comic-y shirt and brightly colored sweater so the internet would recognize me.
We’re here! At C2E2! This was my first comic con and I really wanted to soak things in so I wandered by myself for a bit. Toby texted that he had spotted Sean Astin by the Captain America display so I wandered very quickly over there, but I missed him. So I took a picture of the display so as to make it seem that, yes, I really WAS interested in thissssszzzzz…
There is no picture of it but it was after this that I saw Anne and made her hug me like the creeper I am.  Then I ran into Sarah, we squealed, and off we went to the next photo. I mean, session. Whatever.

Bill and Gene, the Unshelved guys. Funny. They made a bunch of people stand up and pretend to be specific types of library patrons, and in return they were given a hat. I was the loud drunk guy.
Then it was time for lunch! Sarah and I found Anne and Karl, located Toby, stood around for a bit staring sadly at the food options on the main floor, and then took off for better eats. We were joined by Lisa! and Rob! and Kristin! and Val! and we all hugged and talked all at the same time and marveled at the sounds of each other’s voices.
Done with eating! Time for working! 

Here we are waiting for Toby and Kristin’s panel on libraries working with local comic shops. 

Really blurry picture of Toby, the other person on their panel, and Kristin. And some dude. Hey, dude. (Ha!)
Sitting next to me but not pictured is Leah, who snuck into the panel. We attempted to scan a QR code unsuccessfully, which caused us to break into a fit of giggles. Then Leah left, the panel ended, and it was time to hit the exhibit floor!
click to embiggen!
First we stopped by the ALA booth for a group librarian shot. 

Then there were hats. Rob tried them on. ‘Allo, guvnor.

Prepping for steampunk day at work.
Then I creeped some more. This time, my subject was Chris Hardwick. The line to meet him was hilariously long but I can attest that he’s not a large man but super cute. Like, you want to put him in your pocket.

Creepers be creepin’, y’all.

Then some more solo wandering.

These two were adorable.
And suddenly, it was night. Yep. Just like that. So it was time TO SING!

Margaret and Rob twist and shout.

Kelly and Robin ain’t afraid of no ghosts.

Possibly one of my favorite pictures ever. Lisa tweeting and Val looking at Kristin in disbelief. Because really, what could possible cause Kristin THAT MUCH happiness?

Leah got a YAY! sticker and if you know Leah, then you know this is just damn perfect.

Lisa and Kristin: Just small town girls, living in a lonely world. That’s all.

Yay, Val is going to sing! Wait, no. Just getting up to get another weird drink that tasted like banana runts.

Toby, Mike, and Julie are motorin’.

Kelly and Kristin are trying to explain that their hearts WILL go on. Probably in 3D, in fact.

And Val finally DOES sing, channeling her inner Pat Benatar.
Did I sing? Yeah, but I don’t have any pictures of it. I seem to remember a group number of Hangin’ Tough, and two duets: me and Kelly singing 9 to 5 and Val and I reminiscing about college with Wonderwall.
The room was the size of a closet and a million degrees but it was AWESOME.

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