there is no title for this one

There are some, er, technical difficulties with the shop right now. Namely, a sick kid and my paranoia that the germs are traveling en masse via a green cloud of doom straight for my sinuses. So there’s been a lot of napping and juice drinking and generally not doing much of anything. Just a regular week here!

Today is my dad’s birthday. He would have been 62. I miss him. I dream about him a lot — mostly dreams where he’s annoying the shit out of me. I wake up feeling relieved that I’m still capable of remembering all of him, not just the good parts. There’s never any feeling in the dream of wrongness or “you’re not supposed to be here” stuff. Just… life with my dad. I’m glad that even though he’s not here anymore I can still have that conversation with him where I keep repeating something and he’s not getting it and I throw up my hands in frustration and he chuckles and we move on to talking about something else. Maybe he’s somewhere having that same conversation with me.

One thought on “there is no title for this one

  1. *hugs* Birthdays and anniversaries are hard.I talk to my mom occasionally, mostly about things I know she would be interested in. More and more I come across things like Downton Abbey that I know she would have loved, and I try to "watch for two." I wish she and Little G could have met.

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