I’m still itchy.

Friday will be three weeks with these hives, which have definite flare-ups. They’re flaring now. They’ve returned on my chest, on my back, my knees and elbows, my forearms, my thighs.

My legs are bruised and scraped. Covered with tiny bumps. I found a welt the size of a dime on my knee.

I take a tiny tiny pill every four hours to “stop the itching.” I take an allergy pill every day. I slather my legs and arms with icy cold aloe vera gel and vitamin E gel. I take a vitamin E tablet along with my itchy pill and my allergy pill.

Hot baths lessen the itch temporarily. Ice packs lessen the itch temporarily. Clothes make it worse. Being outside makes it worse. Thinking about it makes it worse. Not thinking about it means it takes a little bit before I realize I’ve scratched myself bloody again.

One thought on “scratch

  1. Yuck. It sounds unbearable. You've probably tried it, but I wonder if some sort of homeopath could try to treat it? Since it seems system-wide.Hope it gets better soon and that you get some relief!

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