my addiction to caffeine may be problematic

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Yesterday’s plans for a morning post were thwarted when, while I was still in bed, there was a flash and a pop outside, a swear from the kitchen, and that unmistakeable silence of no electricity. It was storming and we weren’t sure if that’s what had caused the power outage or if a transformer had blown down the street. It didn’t matter — the coffee pot was in the middle of the brew process when everything went kaput and the morning went downhill from there. The power came on eventually, after we’d left for camp and work, and thankfully, our ice cream was fine. 
This has been a rainy spring/early summer, and while our tomato plants our going bizonkers, I would really like some sun, thankyouverymuch. The storms have risen to a level of annoyance such that, upon hearing an annoying sound outside, I simply turned up the music inside. Only when we determined that the disembodied voice from the sky wasn’t an announcement at the pool across the street but a man basically saying, “Get in the basement now, dumb ass,” that we paid a bit more attention. 
I’m happy to announce that our trip to the basement lasted only five minutes, at which point the sirens stopped and we determined it was safe to emerge from underground. As luck would have it, a friend bearing wine showed up ten minutes later and the sun came out for a last glimpse before setting.

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