music wednesday

Remember last week when I was all “I have to go to the dentist!”?

Yeah, not so much. My appointment isn’t for another two weeks. You know that person who’s always asking, “Has anyone seen my glasses?” and they’re wearing them? On their FACE? That’s me.


It’s still raining here. My cat is molding. I’ve forgotten what the sun looks like. Fred’s growing a beard and muttering to himself about procuring animals.

To distract myself, I’ve been listening to this band:

{An aside: a friend told me about Sound Opinions, which I never can listen to because I’m never near a radio when it’s on, but then the big ol’ lightbulb in my brain clicked on and I downloaded some podcasts, including one where they highlight bands from SXSW11. Said friend and I were in the car the other night talking about this very show and both admitted our raging obsession growing fondness for this band.}

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