things i want to tell you

It’s warm here today. Springlike. I’m wearing flats without tights. At this rate, tomorrow will find me in my bathing suit.

Yesterday I saw this adorable post on pugly pixel about glittery confetti nail polish, and when I found myself quite unexpectedly at Ulta later in the day and spied something similar, I grabbed it.

I painted one nail this morning, squealed with glee, and then painted all of Emma’s nails. Because c’mon, confetti nail polish?

It’s like my thumb is having a party and no other fingers were invited.

Should we continue talking about nail polish?

I thought the confetti would look fantastic layered over this shimmery polish I bought specifically for holiday festivities but never got around to putting on… but I do have a party to go to on Saturday night…

I also grabbed these two beauties, and I’m thinking alternating fingers with these two colors will look adorable:

Now, onto food. Today, I had both strawberries AND blueberries in my cereal. It was quite patriotic.

And coffee in my new favorite mug that I picked up at WDW last year.

She just needs some bags under her eyes and it would be PERFECT.

More food? Sure thing.

For dinner at a friends’ house last weekend, I wanted to do a fun dessert for the kids and a Valentine-themed dessert for adults. I then proceeded to lose every remaining bit of sanity I once possessed.


Yes. That IS candy sushi. The last picture is blurry because all of my nerves were shot to hell at that point.

The next day, I made the biggest, ugliest cake ever:

It was neapolitan. Because I’m insane.


2 thoughts on “things i want to tell you

  1. OK. You had me at the nail polish bit on Twitter. But super cute/fun nail polish *and* neopolitan cake that looks so very scrumptious? To *DIE* for! THANKS!!!!!The Other Carolyn

  2. Oh my gosh! That cake looks delicious! Love, love, LOVE the candy sushi, and the confetti nail polish! It's kind of fun when you lose your sanity, actually. You get very creative! 🙂

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