keeping resolutions

In my efforts to be nicer to myself, I went and got a pedicure on Tuesday, first thing. I called up, made an appointment, and an hour later I was sitting in a comfy chair drinking hot coffee and having my feet rubbed.

polish: OPI’s Cuckoo For This Color

Other things I’ve done to be nicer to myself:
  • stopped yelling at myself
  • stopped stealing from myself
  • told myself my butt totally looks hawt in those pants

Okay, so I never stole anything from myself, so stopping that was pretty easy. But the other two are HARD. The 30 Day Shred has been helping with the last one. Hasn’t helped the first one.

Some more being nice to me stuff:

  • Christmas presents from Fred, who is always helping me figure out how to be nicer. Heh.

i smell nicer with this on

i look nicer with this on

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