two thousand and what?


Another holiday behind us. Here are some shots from ours (it takes an age to load):

we decorated a tree



fred dressed for our dinner party


we found ourselves in matching outfits


we woke up to this on christmas morning

suo watched star trek

i lost control of my faculties and went sledding

I will say 2010 was heaps better than the previous year. I got my Master’s and proceeded to read 58 books with a gluttonous appetite. I got a job as an honest-to-goodness librarian. There was a lump found on my thyroid and no lump found on my boob. I discovered digital scrapbooking and never looked back. I met some wonderful women and forged an incredible friendship. I listened to unfreakingbelievable music and saw seriously unremarkable movies.

I don’t like making resolutions. I honestly believe they’re a fast track to hating yourself even more. But I do like to think about improvements I can make — to myself, my life, my relationships. I’m still thinking about this year’s, but I know that I want to be nicer to myself. That’s where I’ll start this week.

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