friday flashback

On Fridays for the month of December (and until I grow tired of doing it), I’ll feature a post from my old blog. These may or may not be any good.

From December 2005: Some post-holiday cheer

This year I wondered, now that our house has a little family, when will I start sending out those Holiday Newsletters? You know the ones — I’m sure the author started out with nothing but good intentions, planning to share the events and activities from the past year. But by the time you finish reading it, you hate yourself and your own family, who are nothing but mindless slackers in comparison.


Dear Family, Friends and Colleagues,

2005 was a busy year for the Robinson clan!

Jack was promoted at work, again! Of course, since he was already CEO, they had to invent a new position for him. He just loves his job, and has nothing but wonderful things to say about his work friends.

After 15 years of raising the children and keeping the house, I decided to re-enter the work force. Not sure if my outdated skills would be of any value in this new computer age, I decided to go back to school and get one of those Master’s degrees. I’m still not sure what I mastered in, but it was well worth it — I was hired for the first position I applied to, and am now regional manager.

Little Bobby isn’t so little anymore. He’s halfway through his senior year at Michigan, and was the starting quarterback for the third year in a row. As I’m sure many of you saw on ESPN, he did not win the Heisman Trophy. That was a sad day in the Robinson household. But Bobby has been so mature about the whole experience, and knows it was an honor just to be nominated. And the NFL draft is just around the corner!

Our youngest bookworm Susie is loving her sophomore year at Princeton. We were worried that the pressure of an ivy league school would be hard on her, but she’s handled it with grace I’ve not witnessed in a 15 year old. She’s considering law school, but she can’t give up her childhood dream of studying literature at Oxford, and is already preparing her application to be a Rhodes scholar.

This past year wasn’t just about work work work for us. The kids gave us a wonderful anniversary trip to Tuscany. I only wish we could have spent July and August there as well — June just wasn’t enough.

We also have a new member of the Robinson family — Lance joined us in March. Susie claimed she was too old for a pony, but I have to admit, I’ve wanted one since I was a little girl.

We are grateful for all of our blessings, and we look forward to 2006. We also hope to see many of you. We hope that your schedules won’t be as full as they were last year. We were so disappointed that none of you were able to visit. Those last minute cancellations were especially hard. But we have high hopes for 2006.

A happy and healthy New Year to you all,

The Robinsons – Jack, Mitzy, Bobby, and Susie (& Lance)

One thought on “friday flashback

  1. Hahahaha! I think my problem with these letters (besides the length) is that they can never just say, “Susie goes to X school. Bobby played on the soccer team.” They always have to mention some braggy accomplishment for each activity, like, “Susie is getting straight A’s at X school. Bobby was the captain and MVP of the all-state championship soccer team.”

    I believe the worst one-time offender for those letters was my SIL, who mentioned that the kid received the highest score on the district-wide math assessment. Puh-lease. But the worst repeat offender is my aunt, who mentions all the medals/trophies her kids won, and then photographs the kids with all their awards. What happened to everybody sitting in front of the fireplace wearing Santa hats?

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