i need some platform shoes

My cold returned last night and now four of my nails have chipped. I lost my nose stud last night and the only replacement jewelry I could find was a giant ring and I kept waking up in the middle of the night trying to rip it out.

How the mighty fall.

In other news — hey! It’s December. Which means something something presents something. I don’t know. This is also the month where I begin drinking heavily. I love Christmas but I hate Christmas shopping. The pressure is obscene to make sure that what you get for someone is EXACTLY what they want, which is why I wish we could just give each other hundred dollar bills. “Merry Christmas, buy whatever you want.” I’m always scouring gift guides in the hopes that the perfect present will reveal itself, and I can call and order thirty and be done! And a hero! And worshiped all across the lands!

Are you also struggling? Want some ideas while I totally pimp my friend’s business? Sweet. Then head on over to her site and check out the goods. Beth is a rep for Silpada, and they have some of the most AWESOME silver jewelry around. (They also have some wacky ideas about wearing half of the catalog’s items at one time, which, come on. That shiz is HEAVY.) I have two pieces that I adore and wear all the time.

the bracelet has square links, which looks killer. and the earrings are so delicate and pretty. unlike me.


We saw Beth during our trip to Florida, and it was so awesome to catch up, and also she let me try on all of her stuff. Like this stunner:



There were other goodies but I was so focused on this ring I almost didn’t give it back to her.

Seriously, please go take a gander at the catalog. The stuff is gorgeous. And! Beth is giving a percentage of her sales this season (through December 11) toward a charity in Central Florida that helps out needy families. And again! She’s having two drawings — if you place an order before December 11, not only will part of your money go to this charity, but you’ll be entered in a drawing for a donation of a $100 to the charity of your choice, and you’ll be entered into Beth’s 3 Days of Christmas giveaway, where she’ll draw a winner on the 21st, 22nd AND 23rd to receive a Silpada gift.

So! Jewelry! Charities! Giveaways! It’s all good stuff. (Plus, my friend is awesome and I love her and you would be totally supporting her business and that would mean I would love you too.)


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